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Liliane Clement

Acrylic painting involves painting with acrylic paints which are fast drying and are suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. These paints were first commercially available from the 1950’s. They can be diluted with gels, water, pastes and they become water-resistant when they dry up. They have their own properties which are different from oil or water paints and are preferred by many artists.

Life ands Works

Liliane Clement is a contemporary artist of acrylic paintings presently based in Canada. She has done Master of Fine Arts from University de Quebec, Montreal. Her artwork evolves in building variations in a theme. Her innovative approach and abstract interpretation of reality is reflected in all her paintings. Her paintings evolve in acrylic, textural collage and multimedia works on canvas. The main themes of the acrylic paintings of Liliane Clement are floral, abstract and figurative. Beautifully painted and the use of luxuriant colors, makes the acrylic paintings of Liliane Clement dynamic.

Paintings and Exhibitions

Liliane Clement has done many solo exhibitions in the cities of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Some of the well-known acrylic paintings of Liliane Clement are, Blue Morning, Champs Bleu, Ondulation, Felicia-Muse, Red Insertion and Clair Obscur among others. She has received much professional recognition as a result of her work. She has been the subject of many articles written in both Canada and France. She has also received many awards for her artistic achievements. Studio Liliane Clement gallery has some of her best works.

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