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Luisa F.V Cleaves

Luisa F.V Cleaves is a South American. She is an Argentinean by birth. Argentina is a Latin American country, that seems to resemble Europe but is actually very different. It is a fast growing nation, trying to establish itself as a modern identity. Argentina has a violent history of political wars, deep rooted conservatism and general insecurity that is still prevalent. However, the study of arts has been encouraged in Argentina ever since the first stages of its independence. Luisa F.V Cleaves was also subjected to this encouragement. Luisa F.V Cleaves studied at The Superior School of Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture and Painting.

Life and Works:

The paintings of Luisa F.V Cleaves the laid-back attitude towards life, which is inherent in the Latin Americans. Luisa F.V Cleaves's works are mainly portraits or still life. Luisa F.V Cleaves considers fine portraiture, a sacred tool. To her it echoes and respects the subject in a deeper, more complex way. Even Luisa F.V Cleaves's own portraits reflect this quality. Every portrait that she has painted has evoked strong, emotional responses from everyone. All of Luisa F.V Cleaves paintings have a foggy and blurred look giving them a dream like quality. Luisa F.V Cleaves uses no invigorating colors neither does she make bold statements. Her famous works include Adriana, Portrait of Daniel, Mirage Portait of Marilda Castro, Plumeria, and Portrait of Mara. Luisa F.V Cleaves aims at making people feel empowered and beautiful through her paintings. Luisa F.V Cleaves has exhibited her works in several galleries, hotels, libraries and art associations in Argentina.

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