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Lynda Cookson


Lynda Cookson lives in Ireland and is a modern painter who does oil, acrylic and other paintings. She does painting with palette knives and brushes as well as sponges, pieces of cardboard, paper napkins and at times her fingers also. Most of her paintings are very cheerful in mood and have layers of colors, often allowing the lower layer to show up. Lynda Cookson is also a well-known writer of many articles and books.

Style and Themes:

Lynda Cookson uses more of her imagination and freedom of color and movement to bring life to her paintings, than realism and perfection. The main themes of her works include animals, landscape, still life and other topics. She mainly uses very vibrant shades in all her acrylic paintings. Lynda Cookson is very attracted with abstract subjects and gives expressions to her inner feelings. She has also made many paintings depending on her mood and impulse.

Career and Works:

Lynda Cookson has participated in several group as well as solo exhibitions in South Africa, Namibia, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA, France and Ireland. Some of the galleries where her work is exhibited include Bold Art Gallery, La Velle Art Gallery, Cong Art Gallery in Ireland and many others. The names of some of the recent acrylic paintings by Lynda Cookson are Cool Canter, Rebel, The Gallop, Break Dancer and The Essence of Majesty. There are many online shops also from where one can buy the paintings of Lynda Cookson.

To gather more information about Lynda Cookson and her paintings visit our site Ethnic Paintings.

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