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Mark O Connell

Life and Education:

Mark O’ Connell is a musician and digital media artist and lives in Seattle, Washington. He has done a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Imaging from the University of Washington. He has worked with digital media since 1992, and in addition to his art, he is also a digital media educator. He is also a performer and songwriter. His works abandons traditional narrative in order to explore the possibilities that arise from the juxtaposition, as well as the rhythms and textures, of images and sound.

Mark O’ Connell assembles, treats and edits each digital film on computer, using a huge assortment of video, audio and film samples. His work is called media collage. The pleasure in his works is derived from color, texture, motion and their interaction. His mini-films are both poetic and popular. Mark O’ Connell and his works have been featured in Wired, The Independent, The Seattle Times and numerous other print and publications. His work has been exhibited in Osnabruck, Zurich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Prague, Dublin, Japan, China and Thailand. He has also won many awards for his works in Washington and Portland, US.

Famous Works:

Some of the famous digital movies and music of Mark O’ Connell include Clouds, All Broke Up, Arrogance, Strange Ships, Top Story Tonight, The Secret Life of Richard R, Jump Out of the Window, Resonate, Groovy, Oh A Ahh and others. There have been many selected screenings of his work at various film festivals.

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