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Mildred Chapin

The technique of oil painting differs from artist to artist. Various surfaces like linoleum, wood and cardboard are used for oil painting but the most popular surface is canvas. Painting is done in layers, each layer being oilier than the previous one. Oil paintings generally take a long time to dry. Art connoisseurs do not consider a painting to be completely dry unless they are 60 – 80 years old.

Mildred Lachman Chapin started her painting career in 1960. She has held exhibitions in Europe as well as in the U.S. She has studied paintings and print -making with various masters in these fields. Mildred Chapin’s works are always based on subjects that intrigue her. The first of her series of works, Trees of Rome were exhibited in Rome in 1960. Her latest series, Calligraphic Impulses were displayed in Sedona and Tucson, Arizona. Other notable works include Networks, Sisters- in Spirit, Paris, Time, Light and Stillness. She considers her works to be about “unspoken yearnings”, spiritual or religious thoughts that cannot be put into words. She paints using earthy colors in muted tones. Till now all her works have been based on abstract themes.

Mildred Chapin works principally with oils, but she has also created a number of monotypes. Recently she has started working in “encaustics” or “hot wax painting”. She has taught and trained graduate students at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2001, she was elected as an Honorary Life Member of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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