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Muriel Cayet

Acrylic painting is done with paints which are fast drying ones and are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. They were first commercially used in the 1950ís. They can be used either to create high gloss, matte or other effects. The canvas need not always be furnished with a layer of gesso before the acrylic paints are applied, it can be applied even on raw canvas. They are mostly used in grattage. It has certain limitations as well as advantages.

Muriel Cayet is a modern artist of acrylic painting who lives in France at present. She is the author of fifteen books, short stories and fiction and is an art therapist mainly. She mostly does abstract painting as it gives her the joy of expression and freedom of thought. The themes of acrylic paintings(link) of Muriel Cayet are abstract, abstract landscape and visionary. She uses very vibrant colors in her abstract paintings. She also does oil, ink, pastel oil, encaustic painting as well.

Some of the well-known acrylic paintings of Muriel Cayet include Bambous, Village, Secret Desert, Flots, Passage Secret, Metropolitan, Teatro, Megaurbo among many others. Her acrylic paintings have also been displayed at various exhibitions in New York, Paris, France, Cannes and at various other places. There are many galleries like Galerie Voghera, Manosque, Galerie Dolphin Arts, Sannois and others where her work is preserved.

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