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Oil Painting Artists

Oil Painting Artists deal with a medium, which is indeed remarkable. Humble pigments mix with linseed oil to create poetries on canvases like the Mona Lisa. But the process of oil painting, as any oil painting artist will tell you, is not that magical, it involves sweat, toil and incredible perseverance. However the results are there for everyone to see.

Famous Painters who have chosen oil as a medium-

Vermeer- this remarkable painter has painted quite a few masterpieces in oil. Although his choice of subject matter, colors, and composition was similar to that of certain contemporaries Vermeer paintings stand out because he captured poignant moments, giving them a timeless monumental quality. He used the medium to the best possible effect.

J.M.W. Turner- Turner who was known as the father of watercolor landscape paintings preferred oil as a medium. His oils are somber in color but reveal his preoccupation with contrasted effects of light and atmospheric effects such as storms and rainbows.

Goya- His oil paintings are known as candid expression of feelings. His acute awareness of panic, terror, fear, and hysteria colored his imagination into painting a series of haunting and sometimes morbid paintings.he played around with the medium and used interesting brushstrokes to depict different shades of light.

Rembrandt- this famous Dutch painter chose Oil as his medium of expression. . Critics hail the penetrative quality of his paintings which overshadows his luxuriant brushwork, rich color, and a mastery of chiaroscuro.

Leonardo Da Vinci- though this master dabbled with many mediums his best-known works like Monalisa are in Oil. He dealt with not only the subect but also with the atmosphere of the compositions. This is what set him apart.

Monet– this impressionist was known for his mastery in Oil Paintings. His paintings were charcterized by visible brushstrokes, light colors, open composition, emphasis on light in its changing qualities (giving the impression of the passage of time).

Van Gogh- his oils are the treasures of our times. The pain that each stroke and swirl of “The Starry Night” oozes can be only rivaled the bright yet saddening yellow of “The Sunflowers”.

To make a complete and comprehensive list of oil painting artists will be a virtual impossibility. The painters listed above are just a few gems from the glittering array of stalwarts who have chosen oil as their medium of expression.

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