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Paresh Maity

Paresh Maity – his life

Paresh Maity was born in Tamluk, West Bengal in 1965 to a humble Bengali family. He went to a government school, but was never really interested in academics, he would bunk classes to observe make Durga idols. His talent was evident to all from a very young age and his rich classmates would try their best to encourage him by lending him their coloring materials and paper. When he was old enough to realize his calling he decided to go to Calcutta to learn art. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata and his Master’s Degree from the College of Art, Delhi.

Paresh Maity –his Paintings

Watercolor, a dying tradition in a fast-paced world, is Paresh Maity’s first love. His watercolors have a meditative quality about them; with flourish of a brush laden with transparent colors he creates paintings of great evanescent beauty. Paresh is a painter who has the ability to internalize the Indian experience and express it in a style, which is delightfully refreshing.

Like Turner, his greatest influence, Maity too specializes in landscapes. Idyllic dream like landscapes of Bengal and other parts of India are recreated with tender strokes and innovative interpretations. One has to experience the soulfullness of his paintings to understand the true depth of his love for art.

His engagement with Abstract art has produced wonderfully colorful depiction of ethnic cultures like that of Rajasthan His Rajasthani women are mysterious and sensual and embody the vibrancy of Rajasthani Culture.

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