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Peter Jean Caley


Peter Jean Caley is a modern artist who was born in New Zealand. He is a renowned artist all over the world. He relished painting since his childhood. He has evolved an entirely new technique that is completely freehand. He has taken his art training from Western Australia Art School and from many private artists and training classes. He enjoys large scale works and has a style that can be described as inspirational realism. Until recently, he was mostly an independent artist, selling paintings from his studio, with commissions forming a large part of his income.

Works and Career:

Peter Jean Caley has been featured in many articles and on many television shows throughout his career. The subjects of his paintings include Maori portraits, artifacts, landscape, marine, representational, birds and other themes. He uses very rich colors in his oil paintings. Peter Jean Caley has exhibited at Dubai, San Francisco, China, USA, Australia, Chicago and also in new Zealand. The Caley Art Gallery in Geraldine has earned an international reputation because of its unique collection of the works of Peter Jean Caley. There is also an online gallery of his works.

Some of the famous oil paintings of Peter Jean Caley are Eglington, Bealey, Lake Hawea, Highland Cattle, Arawata River, Akaroa, Sailing Free and Bellbird among others. He has worked on commission for many associations and countries also. He has received several prizes and special honors for his paintings.

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