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Pygoya Rodney Chang

Oil Painting is the process in which color pigments are suspended in oils which dry on being applied on the painting surface. Oil Paintings(link) allow a blend of tones and effects and are unmatched in terms of texture and variety. Oil paints have a smooth and buttery texture and are applied using brushes or palette knives.

Pygoya Rodney Chang was the first digital artist to hold an exhibit in Honolulu in 1985. He has subsequently held exhibitions all over the world including Paris, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, USSR, Seoul, Japan, China, Budapest and India. In 1988 a solo show of oil paintings of Pygoya Rodney Chang was held at the Shanghai Art Museum in China which created history by being the first computer art exhibition of China. In 1999 an international digital art exhibition in India of the oil paintings of Pygoya Rodney Chang was held. It was the first of its kind in India. He conceptualized Pixelism, which is to convert pixels into paint.

Oil Paintings of Pygoya Rodney Chang make use of the computer to discover newer visions of art. He reinvents his style as well as his contribution in technical tools. Instead of printing out an art for sale, he uses an actual painting to act as a mediator. Oil paintings of Pygoya Rodney Chang are photographed and digitalized. They are then modified by the artist. The resultant oil paintings of Pygoya Rodney Chang are exhibited online virtual galleries. He has worked on a wide variety of themes like nature, landscape, children, fantasy and even humor. His famous paintings include Pink Tidal Lights, Affection, Digital Silk, Cyber Baby and Hawaiian Hare.

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