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Rebecca O Brien

Life and Education:

Rebecca O’ Brien is a contemporary digital artist who has done her graduation recently from the Montserrat College of Art, Beverly. At present she lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Most of her time is spent in drawing and working with computers. For the past three years, her medium is cut-paper. Most of her illustrations are detailed and humorous, focusing on personality and form. Along with her cut paper illustrations she is also interested in ink-drawings, non-objective paintings, caricatures and graphic design. She also does watercolor painting.

Rebecca O’ Brien uses mainly very bright colors in her cut paper illustrations and also in her watercolor paintings. The themes of her cut paper illustrations are mostly from the daily lives, animals, birds, abstract and figurative. She has participated in many exhibitions in Montserrat. Rebecca O’ Brien has also won many awards and scholarships for her works. She worked as freelance illustrator, customer support agent and receptionist. She also has helped in the openings and gallery installations at the Montserrat Bookstore, Beverly.

Famous Works:

Some of the well-known paper cut illustrations of Rebecca O’ Brien are Narcissism in the Office, Wood Pigeon, Polka dot Marmoset, Salem Halloween, Humor Helps Relationships, Pin-up Bird, Office Gossip among many others. The watercolor paintings of Rebecca O’ Brien include Piece of Italy, Cape du Monte, Basket of Corn and Chair Study. There are many online shops where one can buy the illustrations of Rebecca O’ Brien.

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