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Roger Cummiskey

Watercolor painting is a painting method using paints suspended or dissolved in water. It is mostly done on paper although the other surfaces used are wood, canvas, barks or fabric. Watercolor has been used for manuscript illumination since the Egyptian times.

Life and Works:

Roger Cummiskey is a full time visual artist who lives in Dublin. He is a member of many societies and organizations. He paints on the themes of the writings and wanderings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cerventes and also on specific themes. Most of the watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey combine literature and painting. He is a renowned Joycean scholar. The psychological depths of Joyce’s characterizations have been aptly presented in the watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey.

He has also painted on the theme of the River Gods of Ireland. The themes of the watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey also include abstract, abstract figurative, landscape, figurative, architecture, floral, landscape and abstract landscape. His paintings capture moments of quite intensity and undiscovered beauty.

Roger Cummiskey had participated in many exhibitions all over the world. The Riviera Gallery in Spain has some of the best watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey. Some of the renowned watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey are, River Liffey, The Atlantic Ocean, James Joyce the Pluralist, On The Beach, Waiting for Godot, Mr. Joyce, A Stroll thro’ Ulysses, The Arch and others . There are many online shops where one can buy the watercolor paintings of Roger Cummiskey.

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