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Rusu Sadovei Camelia

Oil painting is mainly done on surfaces with pigments that are ground and mixed with oil, especially linseed oil. Other oils which are commonly used include poppy seed oil, safflower oil and walnut oil. Each of these oils has some unique properties which reflect on the painting. The paints also acquire different properties depending on the media. The basic rule of applying oil paints is fat-over-lean. The most popular surface is canvas and the technique of oil painting completely depends on the artist.

Rusu Sadovei Camelia is a contemporary Russian artist of oil painting. She was a member of the Fine arts in Union of Romania. She graduated from the Art Academy of Bucharest. She was an art teacher at the Art School in Suceava. The themes of her painting include floral and portrait. White is one of the dominant colors in most of her oil paintings and she mostly uses sober colors in her work.

The oil paintings of Rusu Sadovei Camelia have been displayed at various exhibitions in many places. She also won the first prize at the art festival of Voronetiana. Some of the famous oil paintings of Rusu Sadovei Camelia include Spring Time, Violets, Sun flower, Season, Pears, A Proust and Summer Flowers among others. There is an online gallery of her works. Many personal exhibitions of her work also are organized at Suceava quite often. She has also participated in various international exhibitions.

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