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Scott G.Checkalski

Acrylic paint contains pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. They can be diluted with water and are fast drying. Once they become dry, they are water resistant. Acrylic paintings may resemble oil paintings or watercolors on drying. Different finishes can be achieved with acrylic paints. One disadvantage of acrylic painting is its drying time. It dries quickly and that hampers the artist’s work.

Scott G. Checkalski is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin – Superior. He is doing his MA in visual and fine arts. His advisor and instructor William Morgan has been his inspiration for hard work. Scott Checkalski draws inspiration for his work from his own beliefs and feelings. His creations range from abstract expressions to mixed media works.

Scott Checkalski has also tried his hand at sculpture. He manipulates various mediums to achieve a greater variety of texture. Works of Scott G. Checkalski use wind and heat to create a free – flowing motion in his works. His preferred method of painting is to let the paint form a puddle. He then lets the paint flow and create patterns. The final design is often heated to give the painting a rough finish. The themes of the acrylic paintings of Scott G. Checkalski are abstract and inspirational. His paintings are available online on various sites. Scott Checkalski has held exhibitions as an undergraduate in the Kruk Gallery of the University of Wisconsin – Superior.

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