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Animation Drawing

Animation is the process of displaying a rapid sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions. The quick display of images gives an illusion of movement. Animation is based on creating optical illusions of movement through graphic displays. The drawings are changed in between the individualized frames. As a result, when they are successively played back rapidly, there appears to be a smooth movement. Generally 24 frames are played in one second.

Origin of Animation Drawing:

The earliest animations appeared before 1910. The early animations were made by taking photographs of drawings. It was a laborious and exhausting process. Literally hundreds of drawings had to be made for one minute of film. In 1913 celluloid was developed which made it easier to produce animations. In 1928 Walt Disney created history ion animation when he produced Steamboat Willie with sound. In 1937, Walt Disney produced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full length animated feature film.

The Making of an Animation:

To make an animated character, the first thing to do is make a basic drawing. The drawing is then copied or moved to the software where the picture can be moved or manipulated to represent various stages of performing an action. Each picture is saved as it is rendered. The process is continued until there are enough images to create an animation.

Animation Today:

The introduction of computers has taken modern animation drawing to a different level altogether. Many of the movies produced nowadays rely heavily on animation for special effects. With personal computers, it is possible for everyone to create animations. Plenty of software are available that make animation drawing very easy to create. Animation drawing using specialized software is an easy process. Using the mouse or clip arts, animation drawing can be made almost detailed and life like. The influence of digital media on traditional animation methods has led to the introduction of the term tradigital animation.

Computer and Animation:

Computer animation consists of two main types: 3D animation and 2D animation. In 2D animation, the drawings are created using 2D bitmap graphics and for 3D animation the characters are made using polygons.

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