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Architectural Drawing

An architectural drawing is usually done to reveal the final appearance of a building. It includes all architectural plans like plot plans, elevations, sections, details or any other kind of architectural planning. However, it does not include mechanical or electrical or structural drawings. An architectural drawing would only show the elevations of the building.

Aspects of Architectural Drawing

Architecture comes from the Latin word, “architectura”, which means a master builder. Architectural drawing should be feasible and affordable to the builder as well as it should be aesthetically appealing and pleasing to the viewer. Architectural drawings always manipulate the space, volume, texture, light and shadow or abstract elements of a building. Hence it is different from engineering which focuses more on the construction or structural elements. Architecture is regarded as an interdisciplinary field, drawing its elements from science, art, technology, social sciences, history and philosophy. It is a science which has arisen from many other sciences.

Architectural drawings are of various kinds like Newari, Egyptian, Baroque, African, Indian, Chinese, roman, Modern, Spanish, Futurist, Temple, Pet, Canadian, Bionic architectural patterns and many others. All these patterns have some unique feature of their own.

Architectural drawing started many centuries back since the time of Greek and Roman civilization. Architectural drawing does not only include planning of houses or buildings but also temples, hospital, stadium, multiplexes, complexes and others. An architect should be adept in making plans for all these buildings and not only small homes. Nowadays, many premier institutes provide excellent training in architectural studies and many students are now showing great interest in it. Architecture as a profession is gradually becoming very common and lucrative, with the development of cities, as well as, an increase in the taste and standard of living of commoners.

Techniques of Architectural Drawing

Architectural drawings have constantly improved down the ages. The techniques of architectural drawing are the result of intensively creative efforts. It is different from the other forms of art as it includes a plan, section and elevation of an entire building. Imagination and far-sightedness are the two primary qualities of an architect. Nowadays however, even computers are used to make brilliant architectural drawings. Moreover, there are several books available in the markets which provide details about architectural drawings.

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