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Art Drawings

Drawing is one of the most significant forms of visual art and can be done with various media. Art Drawings means the use of charcoal or pencil for making drawings or paintings. Art drawings can include subjects from all fields of life. They may be realistic or drawn from the imagination of the artist.

Aspects and Tools of Art Drawings

Art drawings are believed to lack professional cleanliness and the edges may not always be well-defined. However, this is only a partial view about art drawings. One needs to be very careful with the blending portions while making art drawings. There are many tools which are often used to get the perfect blend. Some of the most common ones are:

•  Blending Stump : these are tightly wounded paper sticks which have points on both ends.

•  Facial Tissue : these are good for blurring the edge of shadows.

•  Chamois : this is generally used to imitate smooth textures.

•  Paper : this is used for blending as it brings out the texture of the drawing paper.

•  Felt Pad : this helps in bringing about random textural effects.

•  Tortillon : these are not as tightly bound as the blending stumps but are used to create a little different kind of texture.

However, artists may use several other kinds of material to get their desired effects.

Useful Tips for Art Drawings

There are certain things which an artist needs to remember. Firstly, choosing the appropriate subject for the painting and choosing the best paper and other materials are important. Using pencil and charcoal together is better because the individual granules of charcoal have an uneven shape. Moreover, when light strikes on these particles, it reflects back in various directions. In fact, if it is pushed away from light it does not have the reflective glare which pencils have. Various ranges of pencils starting from 2B-4B are required. All these useful tips need to be kept in mind before making a drawing. There are many books available in the markets which provide the basic guidelines to make excellent art drawings.

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