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Basic Drawing

Drawing is one important form of visual art. Basic drawing means the diagrammatic representation of any figure or object. It can be done on canvas, wood, paper or any other media. Basic drawing can be done with any of the tools ranging from graphite, pencils , charcoals, pastels, pen and ink, wax colors, crayons or markers.

Features of Basic Drawing

Basic drawings can be representational, depicting objects or scenes from the dreams or imagination or observation of the artist. They may be realistic or resembling life to a certain point. The main aspects of a basic drawing include:

  • Composition
  • Paper
  • Proportion
  • Color theory
  • Figure drawing
  • Linear perspective
  • Sketch
  • Computer

It is the correct proportion of all these important aspects which makes a successful basic drawing.

Tools of Basic Drawing

There are certain tools which are elementarily used in basic drawing. The most important of them is the drawing pencil. It should be of various numbers ranging from 2B to 2H, to make darker or lighter shades. The second most essential thing is a refillable pencil which is very necessary in case of basic drawings which require constant thickening of lines. Protractors, scales and compass may also be used to make exact measurement or figures.

Techniques of Basic Drawing

There are certain techniques which need to be applied while making a basic drawing. Primarily, one has to choose the correct surface or support and also the medium of painting. Generally, basic drawings are made with pencil or charcoal. There are certain ways of shading with pencil like “slinky” touch in which the pencil moves back to forth or vice-versa. Apart from this, “cross-hatching” is also a method of making strokes with pencil. In case of pen, the lines may be made darker or lighter. There are other ways of application which depend on the medium. Nowadays, many books are available in the markets which provide helpful tips to budding artists. Moreover, the drawing classes, both online and otherwise help budding artists to train themselves in basic drawing.

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