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Art is defined as a creation that stimulates the human senses and the mind and spirit. A work of art is evaluated on the basis of the amount of stimulation it can bring. Drawing as a form of art is visual in nature.

History of Drawing Art:

Drawing art is a way to revive the spontaneity and originality of the drawing masters. The quality of good drawings can never be reproduced. Some of the noted works by the old masters are so realistic that they actually seem to move. From the Renaissance to the end of the 18 th century, the artists were under pressure to paint idealistic images and not the real scenario. However these paintings are priceless and even five hundred years later they are subject to admiring looks.

Drawing versus Painting:

Contrary to popular notions, drawing and painting are quite distinctive forms of art. The two techniques are often confused since similar tools are used to create them. But the processes involved in making a drawing are quite different from the ones involved in painting. Paintings are created by layering pigments on a cloth or prepared surface using a brush. Drawings are made by marking dark lines on paper.

Drawing explores the subject and emphasizes on observation, composition and problem solving. Painting is the means of executing a work of art once the drawing has been completed. Modern painters used modes of drawing in paintings.

Phases of Drawing Art:

Drawing fine art involves an understanding of how various media works. Different drawing tools can be tested on practice sheets to find out the value and texture. The first phase of making a drawing art is to apply the media. The medium of drawing art can be wet or dry. Dry media include graphite, charcoal, pastels etc. and wet mediums consist of markers, pens and ink. At times even watercolor pencils can be used as wet mediums. The tip is simply moistened with a wet brush and used to draw. Strokes made by drawing tools are used to control the look of the image. Hatches are used to create different tones and stippling and dots provide texture and shading to a drawing. Drawing art is almost always drawn in a linear perspective so that the dimensions of any object appear to shrink with distance. Figure drawing requires the artist to have a good knowledge of human anatomy and proportions. The composition of an image is also an important factor in producing a work of art. The placement of images and elements is a crucial factor of communicating ideas and feelings. A well made drawing is a piece of art that stays for ever. It takes several days and even months to make a classic drawing.

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