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Artists are people who create works of art to exchange ideas, thoughts or feelings. Artists employ a wide range of methods and materials to produce creations. Drawing artists fall into the category of fine artists. This category comprises of painters, sculptors, illustrators and drawing artists who create artworks that are original and unique.

Origin of Drawing Artists:

During the medieval times, the word artist denoted a craftsman. The skill of a person was emphasized rather than the field of activity. The division of major and minor arts was first made in the works of Leon Battista Alberti . They focused on the worth of the intellectual skills of an artist rather than the manual skills. With the establishment of fine art academies in Europe, the line between fine arts and applied arts was deeply set. Modern definitions of drawing artists and arts are dependent on culture.

Work Environment of Drawing Artists

Many drawing artists work from their own studios situated in lofts, warehouses or buildings. Most drawing artists however prefer working from private studios in their own homes. Few artists share a studio space where they can exhibit their work if they want. The studios of drawing artists need to be well lighted and have a good ventilation system since artists are exposed to a lot of fumes and residue from glue, paint and other drawing materials. Free-lance drawing artists work on their own time, but spend a lot of time and energy into making their works sell. Drawing artists employed by companies work for a standard work week, but face the limitations set by the respective firms employing them. Many self employed drawing artists hold steady day jobs or part time jobs to ensure a continuous flow of money.

Contemporary Drawing Artists:

Contemporary drawing artists have been displayed in many museums and galleries. Cotemporary drawing artists are generally related to some movement or are very verbal. They voice their opinions and views through their works. A few of the contemporary artists are Ida Applebroog, Marie-Claire Baldenweg, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert J Brawley, Godfrey Blow, Tom Curtis, chuck Close and Dan Christensen .

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