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Drawing Cartoons

Cartoons are a kind of illustrations generally humorous in purpose. Cartoons in modern print media are often used to satirize socio-political situations. Modern cartoons generally printed in magazines or newspapers have a solo drawing with a caption underneath it.

History of Drawing Cartoons:

The earliest attempts at drawing cartoons were probably made by the Paleolithic men in the cave paintings. The drawing of cartoons has undergone gradual changes with time until it was used exclusively to denote a humorous or sarcastic rendition of current events or political situations. In the 1720’s cartoonist William Hogarth created a number of satirical works that had a wide circulation. Drawing political cartoons became very popular during World War I and II. Some cartoons were even released as comic strips.

Editorial Cartoons:

Over the years a few metaphors and symbols have become very popular due to repeated use by various cartoonists. At times it becomes very difficult to separate the cartoon characters from their real life counterparts.

Editorial cartoons are mainly satirical with a serious undertone. At times the drawings of editorial cartoons may also have multiple panels. Most editorial cartoons follow a particular style. Cartoonists use visual images and caricatures while drawing cartoons. Cartoonists sometimes publish their drawings of political cartoons.

Cartoons in Motion:

Comic strips had a lot of similarities with the early animated movies. Over a period of time animations came to be referred to as cartoons. Drawing cartoons for animations are of many types. Most animated cartoons are hand drawn. Even the computer generated images are made to look like hand drawn images. Hand drawn cartoons used in animation fall into the traditional forms of animation.

Caricatures in Drawing Cartoons

A portrait or picture that exaggerates or distorts the fundamental nature of a person or object to create a visual likeness that is easily identifiable is known as a caricature. Caricatures are a very common feature of drawing cartoons. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the earliest caricaturists, who used people with deformities as model for drawing caricatures. Nowadays caricatures are created using computers that have warping tools that render caricatures of a given image.

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