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Drawing Face

Drawing is a multi dimensional art and this dimensional art reaches to its perfection when an artist excels in all its dimensions equally. Learning face drawing needs immense concentration. Drawing face includes features, eyes and hair along with face proportions. Drawing face means creating the drawing product exactly similar to the face of the person whose face you are trying to portray.

Materials Required

For drawing face you will need some basic materials like, drawing paper or sketch paper of size 8x10 or 9x12. A pencil of range HB or B. You can also use a # pencil. One kneaded rubber or normal rubbing eraser is also required.

Drawing Method

To begin your work, start with drawing an oval or egg shape. Now draw a straight line nearly half part of just down the face. This line will prevent you making curved eyes while drawing later. Now create another line just half of the eye line and at the chin bottom, this line will make a bottom of the nose. Create one more line at the half portion between the nose line and the chin. This line will indicate the exact location of mouth.

At the down portion of the centre of the head draw another line starting from top resting to the bottom. This line will make a symmetrical placement to the face. At the end draw two separate lines indicating the neck. While drawing these lines always be sure that they should be drawn very faintly and not bright in order to erase them later while drawing the actual face.

Things to Remember

After finishing with your face drawing make sure to check the following important points. In fact do not avoid these important facts:

  1. Check if the tilts of the eyes are correct.
  2. The nose is proportionately wide and long
  3. The lips have the actual thickness or thinness as required
  4. The jawline is in its actual position and proper shape
  5. The hairline is at the right height just above the eyes.

Check the minute details of your art work because a little difference may damage your entire effort and a focused work will give you excellent result.

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