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Drawing Ink

Drawing is done with the help of a variety of mediums like graphite pencil, charcoal, color and other such things. Ink is also one important drawing medium. Drawing ink is available in market in different varieties. But all these varieties are not equally applicable for drawing purpose. So it is good to check before you buy. Be certain in choosing lightfast ink and do not choose those which fades over time. In drawing ink category waterproof Indian ink which dries fast is highly applicable. Some widely found ink varieties of ink are discussed as follows:

Black Indian Winsor and Newton Ink

The Winsor and Newton ink are basically water resistant varieties. This type of ink provides a black solid glossy feedback. The manufactures of this quality of ink claim that this ink has a bluish undertone.

Liquid Black Indian ink

This Winsor and Newton black liquid Indian ink is more identified as Encre de Chine- Chinese ink. This non-waterproof ink is made from Chinese ink sticks. This brown undertone ink has a brown undertone. This ink brings a wonderful warm tone on paper.

Colored Pigmented Ink

Colored pigmented inks are found in several distinct brands. These brands include Martin’s Bombay India Inks by Dr Ph Martin, pigmented inks by Art Spectrum, acrylic artist's ink and Winsor and Newton liquid acrylic color of Daler- Rowney. It is good to properly examine the colors before buying a set.

Ink Sticks from China

Varieties of Chinese ink sticks are found in sets often with a Chinese brush and a grinding stone. The best quality of Chinese ink sticks provides deep black and blue supple colors.

Old Styled Inks

The old fashioned drawing ink is still widely preferred. This basic quality of ink provides the traditional taste even to modern the artwork.

For drawing purposes Indian quality drawing ink is widely preferred. Nowadays many companies manufacture Indian ink because of its well flow and unclogged quality. It is also to satisfy massive demand.

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