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Drawing Paper

Drawing paper is basically a paper with a dull finish, which features good ability for erasing and water resistance. Paper is made from cellulose or plant fiber, mainly from timber or cotton. Other fibers such as linen or rice may also be used to make paper.

Drawing Paper- An Overview

Drawing papers can vary in texture, hue, acidity , and strength when wet. Smooth drawing paper is good for depiction of fine detail, but a more rough paper will hold the drawing material better. Thus a more rough-cut material is useful for producing deeper contrast. In the market you can find ample and various kinds of drawing papers from which you can easily make your own choice.

Choices in Drawing Paper

If you are an artist or an art lover you will find interest in the variety of drawing papers available in the market. Here we will get to know the names and types of some well-known drawing papers. Such as:

  • Handmade paper

Handmade drawing papers may include a variety of unusual fibers for texture. Handmade Papers are produced by breaking down the raw materials, with water and any additives. The resulting pulp is lifted out on wire screen moulds and then the water is squeezed out and left to dry.

  • Machine Made Papers

In the production of Machine made drawing papers the raw-materials are chemically broken down in a vat. The water falls away, and the sheet is pressed smooth and dry between huge heated rollers.

  • Wood Pulp and Rag

These drawing papers include cheap Cartridge and newsprint, which are fine for sketching and life drawing practice, but these drawing papers will rapidly degrade. It becomes yellow and brittle. Wood pulp also breaks down over time and becomes acidic.

  • Stonehenge Drawing Paper

Stonehenge is one of the most popular drawing papers, for drawing with graphite and colored pencil. This is 100 percent cotton, buffered, acid free, machine-made drawing paper. Stonehenge is a versatile paper which is available in white, off-white, cream, grey and natural color .

Drawing Paper is the base where an artist sketches out his reality and his fanciful imagination.

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