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Drawing Programs

A drawing program is a computer software that enables users to create and edit graphic images on the computer screen. The drawing program is also known as a vector graphics editor . Vector graphics editors are often compared with bitmap editors. The functions of the two programs balance each other. Drawing program is better for graphic designs, page layout, typography, logos and illustrations . Latest versions of drawing programs include tools that were once exclusive to bitmap editors.

Features of a Drawing Program

Most of the drawing programs support animation. The rest of the drawing programs are specially developed to produce graphics animation. Desktop publishing softwares like Adobe In Design or Scribus are related to drawing programs. Drawing programs available today are geared with features that enable designing exclusive documents of multiple pages. There are special drawing programs available for Computer Assisted Drafting. 3D drawing programs like Maya or Blender are extensions of the regular 2D drawing programs. They both have some tools and concepts in common.

Rendering Drawing Programs

The render tools on a drawing program converts a model or rough work into the desired image by simulating light transport. The resultant image is a physically based photorealistic image. Rendering of an image using a drawing program involves transport of light from one place to another and scattering, which is the interaction of light with various surfaces.

Editing on Drawing Programs

Drawing programs store images in grid format or pixels. The pixels record the color and brightness of the image. Image editors enhance an image. Vector graphics software is useful in editing vector images. Vector images are stored as description of lines, Bezier splines and text. Vector images are easier to modify.

The most popular drawing programs are CENON, Impress, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, ConceptDraw, Paint Shop Pro, Xara xtreme and Xaos Tools .

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