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Drawing Room

Drawing room is a room where we can learn lessons on drawings. Our imaginative understanding of the world around us through an art medium makes life interesting and this you can enjoy only with the help of a drawing room. We need to teach drawing not only to create artists, but to improve the quality of people's lives through creative connection to the imagination.

Objective of Drawing Room:

As a first drawing lesson, a drawing room presents two simple concepts, such as basic shapes and lines. With these shapes and lines in mind we look around the world and find them all. With the help of all these ideas on shapes and lines we can easily draw the walls, chairs, clothes, hair- all the shapes of things around us. Then only we can draw one or two of these things that look like or contain the basic shapes and lines. With the help of the guideline provided by the drawing room the students begin to see the world in the language of shapes and lines. They begin to comprehend that they must see in these terms in order to draw.

A Place of Fun and Creativity

In a drawing school you can learn about the basic drawing that people from kindergarten to adults can understand. Those who have a natural envisioning aptitude will blossom with this information provided by drawing room, and those who need to develop envisioning skills will struggle and succeed with practice. Drawing room employs the thoughts of children and makes them pay attention to details. Drawing room encourages children to draw will heighten their awareness of the Earth. Drawing room is not a place for competition. Drawing is a kind of discovery and experimentation in the language of shapes and lines. We compete only with ourselves.

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