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Drawing Sketches

Sketch drawing or the art of drawing sketches is a hurriedly performed freehand drawing which is not designated as a finished work. It provides the foundation which can be bolstered with other decorative and artistic embellishments. Colors and glitters can be applied later to build up the original sketch drawing.

Overview of Sketch Drawing

In sketch drawing pencil, charcoal, chalk or pastel are often preferred due to time restraints. You can find drawing sketches often comprising of a large number of overlapping lines. Opposing to the popular belief, artists often use erasers when sketching. Eraser may be used to remove rough creation of lines, or to soften lines for visual effect. The most frequently used eraser for drawing sketches is the kneaded eraser, which has a soft, sticky surface. This enables the artist to remove the graphite or charcoal from the drawing surface without smudging.

Purpose of Sketch Drawing

Apart from pencil sketch drawing, a quickly done watercolor study or even quickly modeled clay or soft wax can also be considered as a sketch in the broader sense of the term. Sketch drawing usually serve record ideas for later use. The skill to quickly record effects through sketching has found varied aims in today's culture. Courtroom artists are usually drawing sketchers. Street performers in popular tourist areas often include artists who sketch portraits within minutes.

Sketch Drawing and its Advantage

Sketch Drawing heightens an artist's ability to focus. Sketch drawing has often been a prescribed part of artistic development for students of drawing. Sketch drawings are reasonably priced and allow the artist to try out different ideas before entrusting to an expensive and overwhelming painting. The sketchbooks of Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Degas are two examples of many done by famous artists which have become art objects, although many pages show more thoughtful studies rather than true drawing sketches.

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