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Drawing needs a proper mastery on the subject. This perfection is sometimes inherited while rest of the times its's the product of continuous and deliberate effort. Actually the effort is made under a proper guide or a trainer. This trainer could be anybody may be your parents or even your teachers. It is the work of a teacher to encourage his students in closely examining things, comparing sizes, understanding the difference of lines and making the students understand the method of observation. Teacher's effort and teaching power makes remarkable difference in the lives of students.

Teachers help a great deal in bringing success and achievement in student's life. In the elementary art training the teachers help students in building a strong foundation. He also helps in providing a planned art instruction.

It is important to gain student's faith on part of a teacher. A teacher's style of teaching art may bring doubts in the learner's mind. But this doubt helps students in thinking more and learning deeper. A good passionate drawing teacher always motivates us in learning more about drawing. Before giving any formal training it is necessary to plan the subjects going to be taught.

A drawing teacher should inspire the students towards slow progress as art is not an academic lesson a gradual development will not hamper students future rather it will enhance their artistic excellence.In some schools and institutes drawing and other physical training are introduced apart. Teachers make the two different fields apart and often undervalue each others work. This should never be done else each will loose the gravity in the eyes of other.

Drawing teachers' help in thorough learning and making the students understand the art of comparisons of space, size, proportions, shape, line character, texture and values. Under the teachers students learn the art of making choices and thereby learn the interplay between object and its immediate background.

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