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Drawing Tutorial

A drawing tutorial is basically for the art lovers and for those who start taking elementary art lessons. A proper art tutorial not only refines your skills but also helps you in developing your art skills in several mediums like, oil, pencil, charcoal, watercolor etc. These tutorials begin with some basic knowledge of drawing, hair, faces, clothing and making bodies. Following are given some important aspect of a drawing tutorial;

Basic Steps on Drawing:

The first and the foremost step of drawing tutorial is sketching. Sketching is the base of any drawing. As it is the foundation of every finished art so it needs to be more firm and exact. In the beginning every drawing passes with the three basic steps of drawing. These are:- the foundation sketch, the enhanced sketch and lastly the final process. In the foundation sketch more focus is given on proportions and not on details as the basic shapes determine the future of an art project. After the foundation sketch comes the enhanced sketch. In the enhanced sketch there is the provision of refining the shapes, give more details and chance of adding depth and shadow. In the final segment of the project you can redefine the artwork by giving some final touches, bring out the eloquent details and putting other efforts to make your work perfect.

Considering Principles:

Every art project needs some basic principles to consider. These principles are observance, reference and patience. This makes you more focused towards your work and your art project will be result oriented. Following art books can help you tremendously in learning the basic skills. A proper drawing tutorial may make you perfect in these regards.

Drawing Tools:

The drawing tools does not mean requirement of elaborate and expensive drawing materials. But there are some basic things which you will need to progress with your work. This includes a range of pencil sets i.e. pencils with variations in hardness and capabilities, kneadable erasers, tortillions and stumps, clean makeup brush, paper, cotton swabs and balls and a board.

Drawing tutorial also include graph drawing and lessons on light and shades.

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