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Famous Drawing Artists

Drawing is a major form of visual art. It involves the usage of various tools to make a two-dimensional form or object. They may be realistic or based on the imagination of the artist or abstract. Famous drawing artists have made some really beautiful paintings which have become immortal with the passage of time.

Aspects of Drawing

Drawing is typically different from painting as the usage of colors or paints is minimal in case of drawing.It stresses more on the defined lines on the surface. Drawing includes use of different media which may be dry or water-based like graphite, charcoal, marker or pen and ink. Even watercolor pencils may be first applied like normal pencil and then moistened with wet brushes to get different effects. Drawing is mainly done on paper which varies in color, texture, acidity, size, quality and strength to absorb water. There are various processes and mediums which add an extra appeal to simple drawings.

Famous Drawing Artists of Yore

Drawing is an art which has been practiced since ages and all famous drawing artists have made some drawings in their life which have become immortal. 

Some of the famous drawing artists of the past are Giovanni Angelico, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonnarroti, Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Nicolas Poussin, Theodore Gericault, Vincent Van Gogh, Raphael and Henri Matisse among a gallery of other artists.All their works are now preserved in different museums and galleries. The original pieces of these famous drawing artists are very rare and expensive. However, for art lovers all over the world these original pieces are priceless and many people treasure them.

Famous Drawing Artists of the Modern Era

Nowadays artists apply various new techniques of drawing, however, the soul of the art remains still the same. Even now most of the paintings are made commonly on paper though various other media are available. Some of the famous drawing artists of the modern age are Roberta Ekman, Max Beckmann, Arshile Gorky, Delalic Emir, Eric Engel, Christian Culver, Lucas Cranach, Nicolas Poussin, Belinda Eaton and many others. Some of the famous drawing artists from India are Jamini Roy, Ganesh Pyne, Nando Lal Bose, M.F.Hussain, Aesha Kanyailaal and Tapan Kar among many others. All of them have their individual style and their paintings have earned an eternal mass appeal.

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