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Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is an art of drawing human figures in its actual shape and format. Though a human figure portrayed on a canvas is an exotic work but at the same time figure drawing is considered the most complex art topic. In the category of visual art Figure drawing is considered the most stable form. Figure drawing is applied in almost all types of art work cartooning, portrait ,sculpture, cartooning book, comic books, illustration and medical illustration. Figure drawing is done by using charcoal, pencil and other such drawing tools.

Figure Approaches:

In order to draw human figures artist reside on a number of approaches. Some artists draw by taking inspiration from live models, referential materials, skinny models and even from memory and personal imagination. Among all these the use of photographic models is the most common approach. But it is highly criticized because mostly flat images are produced by it. Some artists take help of light and dark values as their drawing approach. One more approach is making body pictures from geometrical shapes like, a sphere shape is created for cranium and for torso a cylindrical shape is used. After refining these basic shapes human figure is brought.

Figure Drawing Mediums:

Various drawing mediums have been introduced for creating figure drawing. In the 19 th century the French saloon suggested using crayons. These crayons are the sticks made of wax, oil and pigment combining with specially developed papers. No use of eraser was mentioned and an artist was suggested to use light shades before making them darker. The use of charcoal stick is another popular medium of figure drawing. Modern graphite pencils are also used as figure drawing medium. But it requires a basic range of pencil sets. This pencil ranges from 9B to 1B and from 1H to 9H. Ink is one another popular medium of figure drawing.

In modern developed society figure drawing is facing numerous challenges as many institutes do not allow students for mingling with models frequently. Again some models feel hesitant in being undressed before a class. They rather prefer just removing robes while giving a pose. Because of these sexual reasons many institutes face difficulties in training their students with figure drawing.

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