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Human Drawing

Human drawing needs complete artistic excellence. Portraying a figure in its actual condition requires mastery on art techniques and a proper knowledge and understanding of human body going to be portrayed. A human drawing should be such that it can make the drawn figure livelier. For an artist it is really a pleasant experience to draw human anatomy as it gives him enough satisfaction by making a human presence on a canvas real and authentic. It is not necessary that what you are drawing needs to be real or fantasy the picture should be as such so that a viewer must feel the drawing is a work of flesh and bones. The drawing should be as such that the spectator understands its language and expect the figure to come out of the canvas.

There are different poses for portraying human drawing on a canvas. Some are discussed as follows:

Basic Human Structure
Nude pictures are taken from different angles with a detailed description of muscles and bones.

Bodily Comparison
Different nude pictures are taken together on a canvas. For proper comparison these figures are lined in front side.

Fighting Pose
Fighting poses in different angles and with different arms and ammunitions.

Laying Poses
Pictures of different poses and different body structures.

Sitting Poses
Sitting pictures of different bodies and poses.

Standing Pose
Standing pictures of body types and various poses.

Kneeling Poses
Different human figures in kneeling style.

Many books are also written from time to time on the concept of human drawing some of them are like,

Dynamic Figure Drawing (Burne Hogarth)
Dynamic Anatomy (Burne Hogarth)
Drawing Dynamic Hands (Burne Hogarth)
Dynamic Light and Shade (Burne Hogarth)

Before making any human drawing it is necessary to check with your pencils, as these are the basics of any art project. Every type of pencil, with a full range from B to H, is ideal as they allow a maximum scope of giving light and shade in the pictures.

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