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Portrait Drawing

Unlike landscape a portrait is an orientation where a picture portrait of a person is printed towards the narrow side of the structure. A portrait drawing is a kind of art where the face of a person is created by a skilled painter or a photographer. Portrait drawing is a verbal description or a picture of a person. There are two types of portrait drawing serious and funny. Portrait drawings are usually unelaborated type. In the portraits there is always the intention of showing the detailed appearance of the thing or person. Facial expressions are captured onto the canvas.

Previously in Egypt funeral portraits were made of common people. In the excavations many of such portraits were found safe just because of the dry climate of Egypt. Portrait drawing actually developed during the Roman sculptures. And in the 4 th century the portrait drawing began to be made according to the person look alike. In Europe the art of making portraits developed in full expanse especially in the Middle Ages. The best example of this is the Mona Lisa… one of the finest portrait drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

Many artists love creating pencil portraits of images. A pencil portrait is created by hand giving light and dark shades all through. The purpose of this is to make it durable so that it last for years without fading or any damage. A pencil portrait is especially made for following reasons; for presenting as birthday present, personal memories, decoration item, anniversary gifts, retirement gifts, wedding gifts and such other purposes. Portrait drawing is also made for making the caricatures of celebrities, politicians and also of much talked social criminals. Many such caricature portrait drawings are made of such famous persons like, Al Gore, Churchill, George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and many such public personalities

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