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Sketch Drawing

Sketch drawing is an easy form of drawing forms and figures. One can make sketches using various mediums. The easiest form of sketches is made by pencil. While drawing sketches, one has to pay attention to perspectives.

In order to have an excellent sketch you should use the correct pencil. There are pencils of varying degrees of hardness and shades available in the market. These pencils range from grading like 2H, H and HB for hard pencils. The softer pencils are graded as B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B.

In order to draw a beautiful sketch you should use the wedge of the pencil instead of the tip. The quality of sketching paper is also important as it gives subtle features to the sketch. For sketches you can choose various subjects around you. You can try out a traditional setup of dishes, tablecloth and fruits. Make a thumbnail sketch of various arrangements of the setup.

While sketch drawing, you can experiment with tones of the graphite pencil. You can even narrate a story through your sketches. This you can do by drawing a broken object, photographs and historic objects or other objects. You should play with contrasts of light and dark, old and new, sharp and soft by drawing fabrics and objects.

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