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Technical Drawing

Technical drawing, also called drafting, is an art of making perfect objects for use of technical engineering and architectural uses. A person who makes technical drawing is called as a draftsmanor drafts person and even drafter. In modern age the procedure of drafting art has widely changed with the use of CADD systems. A technical drawing whether drawn by hands or with the computer help the drawing should be as such that it appears representable as well as uniform.

The basic idea of making technical drawing is by placing a paper or some other material like that on a smooth surface in a right angle corner more appropriate is the drafting table. In every technical drawing the drafter uses some drawing tools for drawing circles and curves. The most frequently used tool for this purpose is the compass , used in drawing curves and circles, and also the French curves. The basic requirement for proper drafting is a drafting table and constant attention towards the adjustment of tools. Initially there were many problems faced by the drafter while making technical drawings. But later on with the introduction of the automatic “drafting machine” Pantograph, this problem is largely solved. A Pantograph helps the drafter in making perfect right angles as well as opportunity of frequently changing angles.

The art of technical drawing not only needs perfect understanding of drawing curves, circles and lines on a paper this art also requires good knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, special comprehension and also a constant attention towards the work. Though these days the drafting task is well done by an architect, project engineers and even by the shop personnel still skilled draftsmen are always in demand. The computer designs system has largely automated the drafting task of technical drawing but this is mainly used by the highly skilled modern draftsmen and designers.

Nowadays technical drawing or drafting is getting very popular for career purposes. As in every engineering workshop and manufacturing works there is always a need of skilled drafter. Without the assistance of draftsman the engineering work get hampers. A draftsperson basically produces

Create drawing and designing of the manufacturing item or machine.

Discussion with the customer about their requirements.

Sourcing of the components used for drafting

Drafting is though a growing career choice but this provides a lot of satisfaction to the draftsperson in their selected career. These days there is a sound demand of skilled draftsman.

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