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Watercolor Drawing

Watercolor drawing is the mixture of all pigments with water and painting produced by applying this process. The most commonly applied process of Watercolor drawing are Tempera, fresco and aquarelle. In the old days, for preparing the pigments only oil was used. With the passage of time there has come enough change in the field of watercolor drawing. The ancient most still existing painting found in Egypt is all watercolors. In the middle ages watercolors were used to bring excellent results. Similarly watercolor was also used at the time of Renaissance by some artists like, Rembrandt, Rubens, and Durer

The 18th century witnessed the growth of modern aquarelle from the simple method of wash coloring. This technique became very popular in England. In the 19 th century too watercolor was frequently used by the painters for making landscape and portraits paintings. The Buon fresco painting is the earliest form of watercolor painting. The most popular outcome of Buon fresco painting is Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel which was started making in 1508 and ended in 1514.

Usability of Watercolors

Watercolor drawings were also used for making large paintings and cartoons. It is very easy to use watercolor because of its ease and quick application. Watercolor brings a transparent effect in the painting, its colors are very brilliant and also it is found chap.

Traditionally watercolor was made by using ground pigment mixing with gum Arabic for painting the body part. Glycerin and honey was used to apply the color on the surface of the painting. A watercolor drawing is highly transparent they vary in their transparency while some are more transparent others are less transparent. As there is no white watercolor for transparent painting the white portion or the uncolored portion of the paper is referred as white colored. There are some watercolors which fade in color with time such pigments are called fugitive. While there are others verities which last long this is because the method employed in the making of these transparent hues.

Traditionally watercolor drawings were very susceptible to dust and sunlight but the modern technique of making the pigments has helped in making it more durable and stable.

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