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Famous Paintings

Famous Paintings are those products of artistic expression, which touch our hearts and leave an indelible impact. Amongst the thousand of such work it is and will be difficult to select just a few, but ours is an earnest and sincere effort to pick those paintings and creators who have left a long lasting impression on our minds.

Be it Da Vinci's mysterious Mona Lisa, who has intrigued millions with her enchanting smile (and also because of the controversy about her being a self portrait of the artist in drag) or the melting watches of Dali, we want to discuss those paintings that have redefined the way we perceive ourselves.

The intention of listing these paintings is to not belittle the works of other deserving masters, but is to understand our perception of the art. The various schools of painting that the list encompasses are really noteworthy. Each one is different from the other; each painter fiercely individualistic, and yet so alike. Alike in thoughts; alike in their unbridled creativity and alike because they speak the same language-the language of art.
Tomorrow when our future generations looks back at us, they will not know us for our foray into the web world, nor for our ability to reach out to each other, anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile phones. They will probably ponder over these very paintings and rue the loss of a way of life.
The Famous Paintings of our times are as follows.
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