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Read illuminating articles on Indian paintings, painting styles, Indian artists and Schools of Indian paintings in this section. Every month we present you with a new article with comprehensive information about the varied painting traditions of India.

From the floors of a courtyard to the forehead of a cow, almost everything in India gets painted. The sub continent of India has nurtured different Schools of Painting through the ages. The history and socio political life of the Indian sub continent is such that it was and is exposed to a plethora of cultures, which led to internalization of the various Art

Forms. So if we have the Frescos of Ajanta and Ellora to depict one genre of Painting the Mughal Miniatures of Jaipur Palaces bears testimony to another School of Art.

We intend to feature articles that would assist you in understanding and appreciating this variety of Indian paintings,

the different styles of the Indian artists and the veneration with which the art of painting is regarded in India.

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