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Batik Paintings

Batik paintings are ancient fabric dying techniques believed to be originated in Java, Indonesia. Itís a beautiful art form traditionally used on cotton and silk textiles. Batik painting is a wax-resist dyeing technique where painters use natural vegetable dyes of beautiful indigo and brown colors that make batik products look very eye catching. The theme of batik painting ranges from Hindu Gods to nature, flowers, animals and folklores. Batik paintings are also popular in India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Batik paintings involve three stage processes - waxing, dyeing and de-waxing. In the first stage, fabric is thoroughly washed to remove starch and then dried and stretched on a wooden frame. In the second stage, a rough charcoal sketch is created. In the third and final stage, wax is applied through a brass shaped pen called Tjanting and then removed by immersing the cloth into boiling water with a small amount of solution of sulphuric acid . These three elaborate processes can be repeated multiple times till the entire batik design or fabric is done.

In India, Batik paintings are used for creating beautiful tapestries, saris, bed spreads, cushion covers etc. Batik printed fabrics are sold in textile shops, handloom stores, boutiques and traditional haats (markets) of India.