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Glass Painting Designs

The art of glass painting appeared in India in the late 18th and early 19th century. Europe was well acquainted with the glass painting technique from the Middle Ages. The Chinese artists learnt the art from Europe and produced the creation on the 'back of the material' with the details and shadows first and the large areas of color later. These productions were mainly for the export market of Europe.The flourishing trade relations between East India Company and China brought this art to India. The Chinese artists patronized by the royalty at Mysore, Satara, and Kutch also contributed to the body of work.

The glass painting designs and patterns were adopted by the local painters who depicted popular stories, epic themes, icons, portraits, and icons on the glass paintings. Regional variations were also conspicuous in the paintings produced in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Kutch, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Awadh, New Delhi, Bihar, Bengal, Deccan, Satara, Hyderabad and Bombay.

Glass PaintingsThe glass was imported in India from Britain and Belgium. Though India herself had a rich tradition of producing glass till the 16th century. However, the art became inferior in course of time.
The artists produced works, which combined both traditional and European themes. The portraits or copies of European works as well as the symbolic representation of gods and goddesses were produced. Till today, in some parts of India especially in Gujarat and South India glass paintings are still produced carrying the both popular and folk art traditions.

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