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Islamic Painting

Islamic Paintings can be defined as being an art whose boundaries are not geographical but theological. The Islamic Hadith or Traditions forbade the use of animal or human figures from religious art. Therefore, ingenious Islamic artists created rhythmic patterns of script, geometric designs, or abstracted plant and floral designs. However art from Islamic Cultures tend to include animal and human figures as well as all of the above.

Persian Paintings

Persian paintings were mostly about the pride of the kings and rulers. There were also religious Persian paintings, which represented the Persian interpretations of Islam.

Persian Paintings are well known for their use of geometry and vivid colors.

The sheer symmetry of most Persian Miniatures is breathtaking.

The most complex situations (battles, court scenes) were absorbed by the Persian artists to produce comprehensive works of art, which questioned the complexities of other masterpieces.

Persian Paintings were most importantly illustrative; a true marriage of Poetry and art can be seen in them. They seem to be illustrations of a very poetic narrative and have the sweeping feel of epics. So its not surprising to find out that most of these paintings were inspired from great works of poetry. The anecdotal nature of Persian Poetry finds its mirror image in Persian Paintings.

The lines of most Persian paintings are firm and confident; there is a keen focus on the silhouettes and distribution of details is almost flawless.

Mughal Paintings

The very mention of Mughal Paintings evokes stylized images of richly draped figures involved in various court activities. Though there is very little regard to realism, these paintings capture ones imagination because of their unique style and choice of themes.

The popular perception of Mughal paintings is not altogether an unfounded one, these paintings hardly follow the dictum of realism in style but their themes are as true to their period as possible. In fact they can be seen as the most substantial specimens of their times.

A blend of the Indian and the Persian style, these paintings depicted various themes. From scenes of a Mughal court to lovers in intimate positions, the themes were both informative and provocative.

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