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A Wheatfield with Cypresses

A Wheatfield with Cypresses was created by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in 1889. The painting made its mark of being one of most famous artworks by Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent William Van Gogh:

Vincent William Van Gogh was a great Dutch post impressionist artist who created many paintings and drawings including some of the world's best known, most popular and most expensive artworks. One such most expensive artwork is A Wheatfield with Cypresses. When Van Gogh began his art career in 1880, he started at the elementary level by copying the "Cours de dessin," edited by Charles Bargue. Like most of his paintings Van Gogh created 'A Wheatfield with Cypresses' in a series. The entire series depicted the artist's feelings and observations from his bedroom window, when he was spending life in a mental asylum at St. Remy in May 1889.

Van Gogh's A Wheatfield with Cypresses:

Vincent Van Gogh created the oil painting, A Wheatfield with Cypresses in 1889 on a canvas, with 51.5 x 65 cm dimension. A Wheatfield with Cypresses was one among the many paintings created by Van Gogh during the last two years of his life. A Wheatfield with Cypresses was created by the artist when he was in the mental asylum at St. Remy in May 1889. The painting was one of the three versions of 'A Wheatfield with Cypresses'.

The painting was also mentioned by Vincent Van Gogh in one of his letters to Theo which was written towards the end of June. In the letter the painting was mentioned by the artist as `a cornfield very yellow' and the cypress--a tree just then `always occupying my thoughts' that was `a splash of black in a sunny landscape'. The turning brushstrokes in the painting portraying the sky, give a very disturbing clue of artist's mental imbalance and violence beyond control at a first glance. However, if the picture is viewed more consistently for long it appears perfect in the mass of curves repeated several times in twists and turns and throughout the work. In this brilliant painting, the cypress is represented in a flame pattern. Moreover, the painting brilliantly represents a sustained effort of the artist even in the most critical condition of his life.

A Wheatfield with Cypresses, Auction:

A Wheatfield with Cypresses was sold in a private sale at Steven Mazoh, by son of Emil Georg Buhrle. Walter H. Annenberg paid a grand sum of $57 million for this brilliant artwork, making it as one of the most expensive paintings ever sold in an auction.

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