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Yo, Picasso

The great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso created his self portrait Yo, Picasso in 1901. The painting is a description of the artist's self features created brilliantly in different poses.

Pablo Picasso:

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a great Spanish painter and sculptor. Picasso was one of the famous art figures of 20th century. Pablo Picasso's artworks are divided according to the periods (mentioned below) of which they are influenced.

  • The Blue Period (1901-1904) most famous period
  • Rose Period (1905-1907)
  • The African-influenced Period (1908-1909)
  • Analytic Cubism (1909-1912) and
  • Synthetic Cubism (1912-1919)

    Yo, Picasso, Description:

    Yo, Picasso is a translated version of "I Picasso". Pablo Picasso created Yo, Picasso in the year 1901; the same year when he was suffering with the shock of death of his close friend, Carlos Casagemas. Picasso created two different versions of this painting as "Yo Picasso" and "Yo." The title of the painting clearly reveals Picasso's agitated mental condition and how self conscious Picasso had become during that miserable period of his life.

    In the painting Picasso is depicted looking in a sideways glance. Critics analyze that a look on the painting clears out the egoist expression in Picasso's eyes. According to Daix the expression in Picasso's eyes is really extraordinary. "Yo Picasso" has a slightly smiling expression. It shows Picasso with a brilliant facial expression making him appear twenty years old. This was Picasso's own vision about himself. He had painted it during his famous Blue Period. Still, the "portrait" of "Yo Picasso" reveals the truth for a viewer who is determining Picasso's inner soul, but at the same time it proves a failure for Picasso himself discovering the truth of his own existence.

    Yo, Picasso, Auction:

    Yo, Picasso was one of most expensive paintings by Picasso. The painting which was created in 1901 was auctioned in the year 1989 by Wendell Cherry in Sotheby's New York. Stavros Niarchos paid a huge amount of $79.3 millions for that painting.

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