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Charles Wilder Oakes

Life and Early Engagements

Charles Wilder Oakes was born in Rockland, Maine, on August 8 th 1956. Charles Wilder Oakes was raised in the interiors of a nearby fishing village called Port Clyde. Charles Wilder Oakes came from a family, involved in the fishing industry. His father was a fisherman and mother, a sardine packer at a local canning factory. Charles Wilder Oakes is a self taught maverick artist. His subjects are the people and places he loves. In a usual Charles Wilder Oakes painting one can always find the symbols and memories of his childhood. His paintings have an intense quality that makes the viewers feel rather than see the images.

His Exhibitions

Charles Wilder Oakes has exhibited his works widely in Maine including with the Portland Museum of Art, Farnsworth Art Museum as well as The University of Maine. All of his exhibitions have been huge successes. Charles Wilder Oakes has been represented in more than four hundred private collections in United States. In 2006 Charles Wilder Oakes made his New York debut and sold a record number of art works. Charles Wilder Oakes doesn't like to be labeled or categorized into any type. But, he likes to think of himself as a crude version of a folk artist. His works are filled with folk ideas but his individuality raises his art far above others. Traditional folk art begins in a wide range and can be found throughout a culture, whereas Charles Wilder Oakes's art is more in the style of graffiti.

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