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Debra Corbett

Debra Corbett is an acrylic and oil painter. She lives in Melrose, Massachusetts. Even though she works in acrylic as well as oil, Debra Corbett prefers oil over acrylic. According to Debra Corbett oil paint has a certain lush look which other media cannot achieve.

Oil paint allows Debra Corbett to use animated brush strokes modify the texture of the surface to get a realistic finish. Debra Corbett maintains that the process of painting needs to be as satisfactory as the finished product itself. No artist can be fully satisfied with his or her art if they have to compromise on the painting material. For Debra Corbett painting is pure joy and an exclusive privilege.

Debra Corbett loves to paint on location. Nevertheless she has painted so much from direct observation that she is able to bring the open air experience into her studio works. Debra Corbett has a fully active home studio and runs a painting business in Melrose. Her business consists of reproducing paintings. Debra Corbett has custom designed murals and fine art paintings. Till now she has worked on three themes, undecided, still life and landscape. Among them the landscape theme contains the most number of paintings. Debra Corbett uses loose and expressive brushstrokes to create light patterns. Her works are colorful and inspiring. Debra Corbett has displayed her works in several galleries and many private collections.

Famous Works:

Debra Corbett's famous works include Marsh Landing, Autumn Marsh, Blue Winter, Fresh Snow, Headley Peace, Little Lake Sunapee .

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