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Leah Oates

Life and Early Engagements:

Leah Oates is a Brooklyn based artist. Her area of work explores the course of time and the disintegration of memory. In every moment hundreds of images are recorded in our minds. Leah Oates uses the impression of these moments and presents them in her works. Leah Oates believes that her interpretation of memories changes with time and these get a creative outlet through her artworks. Latent memories get a fuller and more abstract reading with time. Leah Oates relates her art with alchemy; she is excelled by her works and research paintings of Liliane Clement are floral, abstract and figurative. Beautifully painted and the use of luxuriant colors, makes the acrylic paintings of Liliane Clement dynamic.

Leah Oates has exhibited in several galleries and museums worldwide. In 2005 Leah Oates was a part of group shows held nationally and internationally. Leah Oates has a B.F.A from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She is also a Fulbright fellow at The Edinburgh College of Art. Leah Oates's photographs can be seen in many Hollywood productions. Even some of the prominent Hollywood actors own her works in their collections.

The Pop Art Show:

Leah Oates works as an independent curator and has organized shows in NYC at The Organization of Independent Artists. Leah Oates has also organized shows in Chicago. At present she is arranging The Pop Art Show at the Kaufmann arcade and Reconstruction at Chashama Gallery, both of which are in New York. She also writes for NY Arts Magazine and AC Collaborative On-line Arts Journal.

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