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Marco Mann

Marco Mann, popularly known as Marco of Alexandria is an Egyptian expressionist painter. He was born in Alexandria in 1971. Marco Mann is also referred to as a “Painter of Truth” by some people. Marco Mann paints his own experiences. He intentionally immerses himself into some of his paintings with the purpose of finding answers to unasked questions. Marco Mann founded the International Art and Culture Group in 2004.

It was set up with the purpose of propagating all different kinds of Art and Culture throughout the world and finding a universal language through Art. Till date the International Art and Culture group has more than 4,000 members from around 60 countries. All the members of the group are related to Art and Culture in some way or other. The International Art and Culture group also serves another purpose. It allows people who follow the works of Marco Mann to receive up-to-date posts regularly.


The paintings of Marco Mann are generally classified as Expressionist; however some of his later paintings have a tendency towards Abstract Expressionism. Marco Mann's works are an expression of his emotions. Each painting symbolizes a deep felt emotion that was felt during the creation of the work. The nature of his Marco Mann's paintings change according to his feelings. Some are simple and straightforward whereas others are complex and passionate. Marco Mann left Alexandria at the end of 2006 and is currently living in Cairo.

To know more about Marco Mann and his works visit our website, Ethnic Paintings .

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