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Nikola Ojdanic

Life and Works:

Nikola Ojdanic is a Yugoslavian artist living in Belgrade. Nikola Ojdanic is a nude artist. He presents the human body in its splendor and excellence. Nikola Ojdanic considers the presentation of the greatness of the human figure is a universal problem. His obsession with the human anatomy was born in his youth. Nikola Ojdanic was supported in his creative works by the professors in his academy. It was thanks to them that his ideas and creativity flow freely without losing track

Nikola Ojdanic made a large number of small studies during his formative years to seek the right expressions for his art. Nikola Ojdanic's professional works which have lasted for almost 13 years aims to unite the motifs of dream and life. Nikola Ojdanic considers nakedness a sign of wealth and not shame. According to Nikola Ojdanic a naked body shows every aspect of human dignity and quality. A naked form is most beautiful when it is pure and that is an undeniable quality.

Nikola Ojdanic's style and famous creations:

The paintings of Nikola Ojdanic present a range of strange and unusual colors which are not normally found in nature. The mix and match of colors tries to make its way to become a memorable image. As a creator of such paintings, Nikola Ojdanic has spent ten years to make people understand the beauty of the nude form. The aesthetic and visual experiences of his paintings remain throughout the viewers' life. Some of his most famous creations are, Act, Act2, Dance and Flattering.

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