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Adrian Cabedo


Adrian Cabedo is a contemporary artist who was born and brought up in Gibraltar. He primarily does oil painting apart from mixed media painting. Adrian Cabedo feels that it’s his work which should impress and attract people and not his words or artistic statements. He was primarily a self-taught painter but of late he has taken training from his master, Roger Shantz. He received his first art prize in 1968, which began his artistic career. His preferred medium is oil though he also does watercolor and pastel painting.

Career and Works:

The main themes of the works of Adrian Cabedo include landscape, still life, seascape, marine, abstract and undecided. He draws his inspirations from nature and his main interests lie in the land and seascape of an area. He uses both bright as well as sober colors for his paintings. Adrian Cabedo has participated in many exhibitions in Gibraltar, Spain and London. Some of them are solo shows while others are group exhibitions.

There is also a gallery named Adrian Cabedo Arts Limited in Gibraltar where there is a huge collection of his works. Some of his well-known oil paintings include Engine, Resting, Goldfish, Sunflowers, Clouds, Terrace, Palmones, Cloud Study, La Avenida and Olives among many others. Adrian Cabedo has also worked on commission for Hotel La Mata, Spain and some other organizations as well. There are many paintings of him in private and public collections all over the world.

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