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About Arthur Bernard

Painters have always earned a special place in society down the ages and their works have always attracted viewers. Arthur Bernard is one of the famous contemporary painters who was born in a Belgian town of Mechelen. Presently he lives in Maasdam, Netherland. He has been interested in drawing from a very young age.

Arthur Bernard studied in the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium but did not continue his studies. He wanted to explore and visit various places. However at a later age, he realized the worth of proper guidance so again went back to the academy. Arthur Bernard then felt that just making realistic landscape paintings would do him no good. It was then that he started painting from his heart and memories. Earlier he always wished to find the reason behind everything but then his thoughts changed. He likes painting with background music playing in his studio. He uses very bright colors in his paintings. Red is a predominant color in most of his paintings.

The works of Arthur Bernard are kept in collections in various galleries at Rotterdam, Dodrecht, Dagblad, Barendrecht and others. He has participated in many exhibitions and his recent expositions have been held at Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Some of the well-known works of Arthur Bernard are Daydreamer, High Tea, Incidental, Conversation, Like Night Turns to Day, The Witness, Urbania No. 1, Urbania No. 4 among many others. Most of these paintings are abstract and figurative paintings made with oil or acrylic. He has also given training classes and conducted workshops for budding artists. There is an online gallery even where one can browse and buy his paintings.

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